Andy & Eve
Animated in Macromedia/Adobe Flash 2010 @ The Art Institute of Boston
An animation that can be categorized as a black comedy. It questions the horrors of working retail and how the imagination often gets carried away. Based on a strange dream about coworkers from when I worked at gaming store. 
Incomplete with in-betweens and some coloring still needed.
Mina Sanwald's Animation reel 2010
A splash reel from The Art Institute of Boston
Animation includes: Studies of macromedia/Adobe Flash, Hand drawn, 3d Studio Max, character modeling and walk cycles in Maya, Chase Around the Moon, Andy & Eve, composite After Effects projects etc. 
This Reel sums up all the projects and work in did my final year at AIB. the work is rough but I am still happy with it. 
Chase Around the Moon
Animated in Adobe Flash 2010 @ The Art Institute of Boston.
A moon girl gets socked in the head by a falling star and precedes to give chase.
I wanted to try my hand at getting away from "tight" animation and allow for some more movement. I cut down the frame rate and drew right over my rough work. This cute animation might be my favorite. 
Bill Plympton's Cheatin'
I worked at Plymptoons during the beginning productions of this movie. My role was to scan and clean up the story boards. 
This movie is meow available on Netflix.

Weird Al's TMZ
Animated by Bill Plympton Studios (Plymptoons)
I scanned in a lot of sequences to photoshop and cleaned up the line work. I also colored many of the scenes. My crowning achievement in this music video is the Spinning Butts.
This can be found on Weird Al's Youtube channel
Tiffany Death on the Run Way
This was a concept Bill was working on. I took charge in cleaning up all of the storyboards and adding the x-sheet dialog. 
I remember having to bring the story boards home with me to complete all the work.
The Flying House Project
Digitally restored by Bill Plympton Studios
This was the project I worked on the most while at Plymptoons. I was honored to digitally restore and redraw many of the panning backgrounds. I also cleaned up and redrew the working gears, cogs and the Bertie's face. In 3 frames you can see my signature on Bertie's collar.
The Flying House project is available at
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